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Ottawa, Canada – Top 5 Things to do – First-time Visitor’s Guide

3 May


ottawa-parliament-hill2-1200x800 Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Source: A Yee/Flickr CC-by 2.0

Canada is known around the world for it’s natural beauty. And indeed, it’s capital city is set up in a manner that the Gothic architecture-based buildings enhance the beauty of the landscape. It is considered among the most beautiful capital cities of the world.

Ottawa is located on the banks of Ottawa river. Ottawa borders the city of Gatineau, Quebec and together they form the National Capital Region. While the city is the fourth largest city in Canada, for a traveler who’s seen a number of major international cities, Ottawa will appear to be a medium-sized city and not too busy with tourists and traffic. However, that changes during key festivals and national celebrations, when people from around the country/continent and some from across the oceans pour over into the Canadian capital city.

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Niagara at Night

3 May


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