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The Quebec Parliamentary Building and Plains of Abraham

23 Sep

The Quebec Parliamentary Building and Plains of Abraham


Views of Toronto

22 Aug


Good Friday

18 Apr


Batteaux Creek

15 Apr

be6986cb56fe32033b36d8fdb3f4a703Photo by Judy McLeod

Evening Light on the Bay

14 Apr

5f7cdbc81d461a2a452cbc72b011a784Photo by Judy McLeod

Clouds Over the Bay

13 Apr

b4b0fe01de5aa3b535fa2fa0776bab93Photo by Judy McLeod

The Mad River Revisited

12 Apr

b6a03d7de7e221f6a442bcac5710abbcPhoto by Judy McLeod

Bright Sky

11 Apr

35be70c011d5de3a95ecfe6e83097a36Photo by Judy McLeod

Double Crested Cormorant

10 Apr

06fb7550daf12c2ce4ba0ea1fb10119dPhoto by Judy McLeod

The Bell of Saint Mary

9 Apr

e9035884ddc5ad405c59a5d65fe700bcPhoto by Judy McLeod

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